Ventilator Care

Ventilator Unit

Our 24 bed ventilator unit was made for residents that have suffered from an injury, disease or alternative respiratory complications. On our unit you will see a homey environment with professionals working around the clock. Our goal for ventilator care for pediatrics or adults is to wean and become independent. If that is not the case, we are providing comfort and insuring that the limitations don’t conform the resident. Ventilator care for adults and pediatrics requires a high level care from a facility. We make sure that our care is above that level of care. One thing special on our ventilator unit and pediatric unit are our Respirator Therapists.

Respiratory Therapists

On our State-of-the-Art Ventilator Unit we have 24/7 care being provided by not just nurses, but by certified Respiratory Therapists who report to our Pulmonologist. Our RT’s offer more than just monitoring Ventilators, they also help with:

  • Tracheostomy Care and Weaning
  • Ventilator Weaning
  • BiPAP and CPAP Therapy

Having RT’s on our staff, working with the nurses, will give anyone peace of mind knowing they being cared for by trained professionals.

Renovated Rooms

On our Ventilator Unit we offer mostly private rooms to our residents to make sure you have your privacy while getting better. In our rooms we have everything needed to provide you with 5-star quality care from medical gases to suction newly installed in each room. But don’t think you are stuck to your room, as we offer portable ventilators so you can freely move around the building. While on this specific unit we provide care for adults, we do provide pediatric ventilator care on our renovated pediatric unit!