Getting better, together!

Welcome to our state-of-the-art therapy suite! We offer rehabilitation to all of our TBI, pediatric, and ventilator residents in our convenient gym. Here you will be working with our Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists. Everyone of them will play a huge roll in getting you or your loved one better and ready to go back home.

Physical Therapists

Our physical therapists are very hands on. Their primary goals is make sure that you are working toward your end goal with them which is: regaining/building strength and working on balance. While this does require a little sweat; it will be paying off when you go home!

Speech Therapists

Our Speech Therapists offer a lot more than what the job title says! While even if your speech is perfect they offer help with swallowing loss and work closely with respiratory therapists and work on a breathing exercises with you.

Occupational therapists

The occupational therapists are specialists in getting you home! When leading up to discharge they take the strength and balance you have been working on with the P.T. and help you use it in a home setting! Utilizing our O.T. suite they will get you acclimated to being at home! From getting in and out of bed, reaching into cabinets to cooking as well they will make sure you will have a seamless transition back home!

be apart of your care!

While we work with you on all of that we want you to be apart of your care as well! We will always encourage you to come in on your own time to use any equipment we have to offer. After all, we want to see and assist you in getting back to your community.

Kids and Rehabilitation

Even though we work with adults we are just as dedicated to the little ones at our facility. From infants to teenagers, we will work with them from balance and strength to needed motor skills.