Leadership at Pathways

Jeff Ruso, LNHA

Jeff has been a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator since 1992 and truly has the hands on experience knowing how a facility should operate. Joining our team back in 2011, Jeff has helped bring Pathways to the 5-Star facility it is today by leading by example and looking out for all residents that come through our doors.

Floresa Egypto-Polestico DON

Floresa, Flo, is the fearless leader you need when it comes to the Director of Nursing position. Being responsible for all care going on inside the building is a huge task to take on and Flo makes it look easy. Becoming an RN back in 2000 and eventually becoming the D.O.N. here in 2009 she works with all members of our staff to make sure they get the right training and education to provide quality, professional care to all residents.

Kathrine Castillo A.D.O.N.

Kathy assists Flo in our quality measures as Assistant Director of Nursing. Kathy, also a RN, has been with Pathways since 2012 and took over the role as A.D.O.N. in 2015. Working very closely with Flo, she helps in making sure all nursing staff are following all clinical standards and providing it in the most professional way.

Christopher Lapierre

Chris has been with Pathways since 2009 and has helped hundreds of people get back home. He is a very integral part to making sure that each person has a safe and smooth discharge by helping set up services for them and communicating your needs to them when you do go home. You can always find Chris either on a unit or in his office talking to residents and advocating for them!