Pediatric Care

Kid Conscious Care

Our 36 bed Pediatric unit is known for our success stories of helping kids recover and getting back home with their parents. The unit offers endless amounts of opportunities for the kids to continue their growth offerings:

  • Day room
  • Education Room
  • Bus services to go to school
  • On-site teacher
  • New Rooms that can be decorated however they please!

Being one of very few pediatrics units in New York state we understand how much care goes into a pediatric resident. Knowing this we hold ourselves to the highest of standards while providing care to all of the kids on our unit.

Our care

On our pediatric unit we take care of all kids no matter the situation. Whether its a quick rehabilitation needed, or more complex care we will always be there for the kids. Our specialized care lets us take in all kids, from Ventilator care to TBI, we have trained experts in each field to make sure the kids are getting 5-star quality care.


Our unit offers state-of-the-art accommodations for pediatric care. Recently finishing our renovations each kid has a fun themed room that can also be decorated how they want! The renovation lets us be compliant with all new regulations set forth by New York State department of health. With that, it lets us take care of all kids and their needs.


Whether you’re going home from Pathways or have been at home we are still here for all your pediatric needs. Our medical team is here when the family need to travel, go to an event or even refresh. With having respite beds, we can provide a peace of mind knowing that your loved one will still be getting 5-star care that is compassionate and strives for excellence from our medical team. When the family needs to refresh, go to an event or have personal matter to attend to don’t hesitate to give us a call at 518-374-2212 EXT: 3107.